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Wednesday 20th April 2005

Mitch more than match for comedy

By Gary O'Connell

Comedy in music often doesn't get much respect but it's just this kind of po-faced attitude about pop that Mitch Benn and the Distractions highlighted so well at the Clocktower earlier this month.

Their tunes are pitch-perfect parodies of a wide variety of musical styles. His ability to mimic the musical and vocal idiosyncracies of Duran Duran, Coldplay or whoever without resorting to straight cover versions is quite astonishing.

Yet their songs are not restricted to amusing ditties. He has some real points to make about individuality, taking music too seriously and the tyranny of trendy bands with tracks like Everyone Sounds Like Coldplay Now raising belly laughs of recognition.

It was a rare and refreshing pleasure to be forced to take funny music seriously.
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