Tastefully done by "Tomb Of Macula". In case you're wondering, this IS a Now Show song (as evinced by Hugh turning up at the end); the reason there's no audience response is that this edition was taped on 21st July 2005, the day of the failed suicide bomb attacks in London. The whole of Tottenham Court Road was cordoned off so we couldn't get to the Drill Hall (where we used to record the show). We ended up doing the show on our own in the basement of Broadcasting House. Very odd.

baby I'm sorry (Sims 2 version)

This is by "Thomasina" and was pointed out to me by her husband Iain; it's really quite sweet and a bit disgusting at the same time, and as such captures the essence of the song perfectly. The video uses footage from "The Sims 2" apparently, but it ends up looking like a bizarre sitcom about the home life of Tom Petty...

Tea Party

Baz also known as 'Zeb44' shamelessly bootlegged and posted this clip!


Song from the Now Show last August on the occasion of the ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon. I got into a bit of trouble over this song on some staunchly pro-Israel blogs for writing a "pro-Hezbollah" song, which struck me as a bit odd as I would have thought a REAL Hezbollah supporter would have been a bit offended at how the song treats their name... As always on the BBC, as long as both sides hate you you're probably doing your job... Anyhow, Damon B did this... WARNING - THERE ARE SOME QUITE UPSETTING IMAGES IN THIS VIDEO

It's Art

Zoe - 'titaniapixie' put this together

My Name Is Macbeth

SupaComix puts Lego to good use

Blair and Bush's Special Relationship

Raemiesu made this

Call It Christmas

Thanks to 'TheGreatMuldini' for this one


This is Joanne alias kittycora's video. Interestingly the version of the song she's used is the original Now Show version; listen out for the Now Show in-joke in the lyric (which had to be altered for the album version, obviously).

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